• Clearscope

    November 2016 - present

    Clearscope removes the guesswork behind content performance.

  • Mushi Labs

    March 2015 - present

    Mushi Labs is a small San Francisco based SEO company that believes in being technical and hands-on. We design, implement and track SEO strategies that produce organic traffic for large websites.

    Companies we've helped include: Teespring, DoorDash, Flexport, HealthSherpa, BuildZoom, UpCounsel, Wedding Spot, LullySleep, and Compass.

  • 500 Startups

    July 2016 - present

    I'm part of the 500 Startups distribution team. We help portfolio companies with growth and marketing.

  • TwitchMetrics

    Janary 2017 - present

    View all Twitch game and streamer viewership data.