Useful Marketing Tools

Here's a list of tools that I use frequently for growth marketing:


Reverse engineer top performing content to discover winning content strategies that will grow your audience and search traffic.


Reliably find anyone's personal email address given a LinkedIn profile.


Get contact information for website owners from domain registration information. Sometimes unreliable because domains can be made private.

Wayback Machine

View the evolution of how a website looked and functioned. Learn how established companies messaged their product or service and where design trends are moving.

Keyword Planner

Keyword monthly search volume data provided by Google. Data accuracy is questionable when comparing the data between Google Search Analytics and/or Adwords.


Look at how your competitors are doing on the web. Lots of interesting data to see including # of unique sessions, top traffic channels, web traffic by geo, etc.

Google Trends

See how topics, brands, products, and industries are trending over time.

Search Operators (eg. site:, date:)

Perform queries that can show you how many pages a website has indexed ("site:"), the last time Google cached your page ("cache:"), and other goodies. Useful for learning how frequently Google crawls certain pages, how many of your pages Google has decided to index, and other things.


Find a list of all the Google autocomplete phrases for keywords. An excellent way to discover how people are searching for things related keywords.


Analyze content marketing based on social metrics. Other people's content that has already performed well provides insights.