Bernard Huang

Bernard Huang is the Founder of Clearscope, the leading Content-first SEO Platform. We help thousands of content teams from businesses like Adobe, Shopify, Condé Nast, Nvidia, Deloitte, Intuit, and HubSpot drive more search traffic.

Bernard's SEO knowledge is widely sought after and he has spoken at some of the largest industry conferences around the globe, such as IBM Think, Digital Marketers Organization (DMO), MicroConf, and more.


  • Mushi Labs

    March 2015 - present

    Mushi Labs started out as a small SEO consultancy dedicated to serving reliable expertise in a space filled with misinformation and snake oil. Since then, we've built on our core business with Clearscope:

    A profitable SaaS used by companies to monitor, protect, and grow their search traffic. Clearscope is our response to the needs of content-centric businesses in a world where content marketing and SEO are increasingly overlapping.