Here's a collection of my previous presentations on SEO, Content, Startups, and Bootstrapping:

  • What’s Going On With SEO in 2023

    [slides] | [webinar]

    Last updated 8/11/23

    Talk given to Clearscope audience on what's been happening with SEO.

  • How to Rank SEO Content in the Era of AI

    [slides] | [webinar]

    Last updated 10/10/23

    Talk given to Richmond Tech Council, Digital Marketer's Organization, and webinar participants about the impact of LLMs, SGE, and AI on SEO.

  • The Future of SEO Content

    [slides] | [webinar]

    Last updated 4/10/23

    Talk given to webinar participants at Minuttia agency.

  • How SEO works in 2020: An in-depth inquiry into Google's algorithm

    [slides] | [webinar]

    Last updated 3/12/20

    Talk given at the Online Marketing Conference Sydney in Australia & WriterAccess webinar.

  • When to consider SEO for your startup


    Last updated 9/18/19

    Talk given to the participants of the Product Qualified Summit.

  • How Machine Learning is Changing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


    Last updated 2/13/19

    Talk given to IBM THINK 2019 participants.

  • How to Think About Early Stage Company Growth & 500 Startups Hell Week Kickoff


    Last updated 7/30/17

    Introduction to the 500 Startups early stage company growth process. Kicked off Hell Week for 500 Startups batch 22.

  • The Content Marketer's SEO playbook

    Last updated 7/27/17

    A step-by-step playbook for writing SEO-driven content. Learn how Optimizely increased search traffic by 52% in less than 1 month using Clearscope and Mushi Labs' content process.

  • SEO 101

    [slides] [youtube]

    Last updated 6/23/17

    Introduction to SEO talk given to 500 Startups batches #18-#20 during Marketing Hell Week, 500 Startups Series A Program participants, and Blue Startups batchmates.

  • Guerrilla Marketing: early stage war stories & growth tactics
    [slides] [youtube]

    Last updated 5/4/17

    Guerrilla marketing presentation given to 500 Startups batches #18-21, Digital Freedom Festival (DFF) attendees, Israeli executives and founders forum (IEFF), and TradeCraft students.

  • Programmatic SEO

    Last updated 3/27/17

    Tactical programmatic SEO advice given to 500 Startups Distro Toronto participants.

  • Grow Your Startup to the Next Level
    [slides] [youtube] [panel]

    Last updated 11/29/16

    Keynote given at the Digital Freedom Festival in Riga, Latvia. I cover practical insights on going from idea to your first few customers.

  • Growth Hacking: Different Tactics For Different Stages

    Last updated 2/26/16

    How to think about growth at different stages of your company. Mainly concerned with pre-product market fit, product market fit, and scaling. Prepared for StartupTurkey attendees.

  • How to Get High Quality Search Traffic
    [slides] [youtube]

    Last updated 12/2/15

    Learn the basics of SEO for your startup (webinar presentation). Given to Etohum accelerator participants.

  • Growth Hacking Mindset & Techniques to Grow Your Business
    [slides] [youtube]

    Last updated 12/12/14

    Growth hacking tactics and theory at the Masters in Growth Conference in Istanbul.